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Treating office acoustics can be intimidating.  It doesn’t need to be.  Compare your options here to determine which solution best fits your office’s privacy needs.

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Sound Masking For Corporations and Small Businesses

Office workers in a 2011 study cited “overheard conversation” as their biggest complaint when they were working without an office sound masking system in place.   While many people can get used to many office noises, some find it nearly impossible to disregard intelligible humans speech.   Without a sound masking system, human speech can be intelligible up to 50 feet away.

There are many sound masking system set-ups for office sound masking, depending on the type of environment your business is in.

Open Office Sound Masking  Open offices are often either too quiet—hearing the occasional pin drop breaks concentration—or too noisy, the conversations of co-workers are distracting and affect productivity.

Installing a comfortable, effective sound masking system is the first and most cost-effective step to improving speech privacy in your office.  Appropriate sound dampening panels and higher cubicle walls can further contribute to improved open office sound masking.  The key to getting the best office sound masking system for your space is personalized professional guidance.  Contact Speech Privacy Systems to get an idea of how to best approach sound masking in your office.

Private Office Sound Masking – Private offices and other enclosed spaces, might provide visual privacy but do a poor job of office providing actual acoustic privacy. Your walls might be a lightweight material or extend only to the ceiling tiles and not all the way to the ceiling deck. If your office is built like this, you have experienced overhearing other peoples conversations and finding yourself distracted by noise beyond your walls.

With the help of Speech Privacy Systems you can be sure to keep private conversations completely unintelligible to listeners in the adjacent office, the hallway and in the coffee break room next door.

Sound Masking in Public Spaces – Most workplaces have public spaces such as reception areas, waiting rooms, or corridors that you don’t want private conversations leaking into.  With the proper set up of a Voice Arrest Sound Masking System, sound dampening panels and additional sound masking equipment, you can protect both your customers and yourself from speech privacy leaks.

From increased productivity to reduced turn over, sound masking can save you money!

Confidentiality – Office sound masking systems help protect private conversations that could be overheard and cause expensive lawsuits for your business.  Speech Privacy Systems is the only company that offers a complete sound masking solution.

Employee Productivity – Studies show productivity goes down by as much as 40% because of noise and distractions. 
Speech Privacy Systems can raise productivity by up to 35% with an appropriately installed office sound masking system

Employee Error Rate – The Data Entry Management Association states that data entry errors can go up by as much as 38% because of office noise and distractions.
An appropriately installed office sound masking system can decrease that rate significantly.

Turn Over – Stress, mental fatigue, unwanted distractions & exceptionally vocal coworkers can all increase turn over.  This can lead to increased investments in training and unemployment.  Speech Privacy Systems office sound masking systems have been proven to decrease turnover.