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Compare Your Privacy OptionsThere are many tools to improve workplace acoustics, but most companies are one-trick ponies. Our acoustic experts can help provide a comprehensive privacy plan for your unique acoustic challenges!

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office sound masking

Sound Masking for Businesses

Offering more privacy per decibel than any other system available, the productivity-enhancing benefits of the VoiceArrest System have been proven across a wide range of office environments.

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Installation in New Construction or Build-Out

Installation in New Construction

While a sound masking system can be installed in almost any existing facility, it's usually easiest and most effective to plan for it during construction and build-out of the new office area.

Learn More About Treating a New Build-Out


Most privacy breaches are simple and innocent. But often there's nothing innocent about privacy breaches, and you don't have to show up on 007′s radar to become a target.

How to Protect Sensitive Conversations
HIPAA and HCAHPS Medical Privacy

Meet HIPAA Standards

HIPAA requires medical professionals to safeguard medical records by all reasonable means. Few practices knowingly transmit patient data, but most unintentionally do just that as a result of sound leaks in the facility itself.

Improve HCAHPS Scores

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Every workspace brings its own acoustic challenges. Whether you're looking to make your open office more productive, improve your HCAHPS score, or simply protect private conversations, we can help.

Each Speech Privacy System gets results and comes with a no-hassles guarantee.

Find out today just how effective the VoiceArrest Sound Masking System can be in your workplace!


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