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At Speech Privacy Systems, Privacy is all we do. As a result, we do it better than anyone else. We'll get you the best custom privacy solution for your space or your money back.


What is Sound Masking?

Believe it or not, privacy is a measurable thing – and the lack of it is costing you money. Learn more about the ways to treat an acoustic environment, how Sound Masking works, and the reason it’s the single most effective tool in your acoustic toolbox.

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The ROI of Speech Privacy

A noisy, distracting office costs your organization money, and ignoring it won’t make it go away.  Let us show you the incredible ROI of adding cutting edge sound masking to your office space!

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Cutting Edge Privacy Products

A Cutting-Edge privacy solution requires both acoustic expertise and access to the most effective privacy products on the market.  Find out how we solve privacy problems for entire buildings or individual workstations.

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Workplace Distractions Cost More Than You Know

Who Needs Better Privacy?

Corporations and Small Businesses

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Hospitals and Medical Facilities

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Military and Government Agencies

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Educational Institutions

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Banks and Financial Organizations

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Churches and Counseling Centers

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Spas, Guest Rooms and Hospitality

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Technology and R&D Facilities

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Work With the Best

Speech Privacy Systems has built a reputation for excellence in the industry, and it’s why both end-users and certified partners love working with us. We work closely with your facilities manager, GC or one of our outside partners to make sure you get the best complete privacy solution available for your facility.

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What We Do


Privacy Consulting

Speech Privacy Systems’ privacy experts spend their days solving acoustic issues. If you’re like most organizations and noise is a problem, we can help you solve it with a range of acoustic treatment options and tools.

Product Sales & Installation

In treating any acoustic environment, the ABC’s describe the general options available to help. Speech Privacy Systems offers turnkey solutions to make your life easier and make you look like a hero!

Acoustic Panels

While most office environments are actually too quiet, often the opposite is true. In those cases, achieving high levels of speech privacy requires deadening some hard, reflective surfaces by adding acoustic panels.


Most privacy breaches are simple and innocent. But often there’s nothing innocent about privacy breaches, and you don’t have to show up on 007′s radar to become a target. We can help close the sound leaks and slam the door on high-tech eavesdroppers.

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